John Cadigan

John has more than 30 years of sales and sales management experience in a variety of roles. He is a recognized leader in the industry, specializing in building distribution strategy and successfully building teams for financial industry start-ups.

Before joining the Trust Advisory Group, John was instrumental in transforming the boutique investment management firm, Rydex, into the premier provider of non-traditional investments and ETFs by starting its broker/dealer channel and creating one of the industry’s first e-wholesaling platforms, also known as hybrid wholesaling. The firm is now known as Guggenheim. The marketing concept and educational materials he helped develop have now become the industry standard.  John also created a group of retail mutual funds on behalf of Stein Roe Farnham (now known as Columbia Threadneedle), an institutional investment management firm catering to high net worth individuals.

John managed one of the industry’s first bank broker dealer platforms, enhancing the overall revenue of more than 26 client banks, including M&T, Webster, Corestates, Salem Five, Eastern Bank and Peoples Bank, by installing advisors into the branch system and developing a marketing plan for lead generation. He also designed the distribution and marketing strategy for Liberty Financial Co. and created the fee-based mutual fund wrap model. In connection with this, John secured selling agreements with bank brokerage and independent broker/dealers nationally.

John is considered an industry expert on capital markets, alternative investments, ETF’s and strategy distribution and is often in demand as a keynote speaker for national industry and firm-sponsored conferences and events. He is proud to have shared the stage with Dr. Harry Markowitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his seminal work on Modern Portfolio Theory.