Inheritance Planning

Manage Your Inheritance and Honor Your Loved One’s Legacy

Inheriting a legacy, whether expected or unexpected, brings with it a certain amount of responsibility. Whether or not you or your family member are current clients of TAG, our Team understands the special nature of inheritance planning and is here to help you manage.

The TAG 2.0 Difference

happiness concept, silhouette of feet of couple sitting on the pier at sunset beachDuring the difficult time following a loved one’s death, the thought of what to do with an inheritance can be overwhelming and sometimes leads to bad choices. We counsel our client to take the time to mourn their loved one before making any financial decisions.

Your TAG TEAM will be there to help guide you through this period of uncertainty and make sure you honor your loved one’s legacy.

Would they have wanted you to designate some of it to charitable giving? Save some for your own retirement? Pay off your mortgage? Take your family on a lovely vacation?

All are valid options and your TAG TEAM can help make the most of your inheritance within the context of your overall financial goals. Whether you are a current client or not. Learn more about TAG and our Financial Management Services.

Are You Interested in Leaving a Legacy?

When you work with TAG, we know you and we know your family. Read more about TAG’s Trust and Estate Planning services and how we can help you create an estate plan that ensures your legacy is passed down to the next generation on your terms.


TAG Cares

The months and years before a loved one passes can be trying for the whole family. Click here for a collection of resources that might be helpful as you navigate this stressful time.