How to Support Local Businesses During a Pandemic

How to Support Local Businesses During a Pandemic. The world continues to battle COVID-19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged Americans to practice social distancing. In implementing these guidelines, restaurants and retail stores across the country are seeing a decline in foot traffic and revenue Here are some ways you can support your favorite local spots.1: Purchase Gift Cards. Consider buying gift cards for your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or bar to use for future visits or to give as gifts to friends or family members. Tip: Many local restaurants sell gift cards online or may accept payment over the phone.2: Buy Local Produce. If your local farmer's market is operating, visit and stock up for the coming weeks. Supporting local farmers helps keep money in your community. Tip: Spend a weekend freezing, canning, drying, or preserving the produce in creative ways.3: Shop for Products Online. Restaurants and local shops may sell branded products ontine, such as t-shirts, coffee beans, hats. etc. Tip: Purchase artwork or albums online from local artists or musicians who may be missing out on extra sales from canceled events.4: Purchase Books from a Local Bookstore. Pick up books from your local bookstore to help you and your family stay busy and productive. Tip: Being stuck at home doesn't mean your only form of entertainment is on a screen. Reading can help your family unplug and relax.5: Order Food for Delivery or Take-Out. Some restaurants are still offering delivery or take-out options, and some third-party delivery services are temporarily eliminating commission fees for independent restaurants. Tip: If you can, leave a bigger tip than usual to help out workers who may be missing a large portion of their pay.6: Donate Your Refund. If you had plans to attend an event that was canceled, donating your refund can be an immense help to organizations and artists. Tip: You could also choose to donate the refund to outside individuals, organizations, charities, and even local restaurants.7: Gelp Local Businesses to Market Themselves. Spread the word about your favorite local places. Any small marketing effort on your part can go a long way in helping that business attract new patrons. Tip: Leave a positive online review, interact with their social posts, and share local businesses' news and promotions on your social media accounts.